Writers Talk with Tim Dee

Thurs 18 May 2017, 6.30pm

Tim Dee. Photograph by Claire Spottiswoode

Thursday 18 May, 6.30pm, at Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Rd, Bristol BS1 6UX

Commissioned writers Ellen Wilkinson and Holly Corfield Carr have invited acclaimed writer and radio producer Tim Dee to combine field recordings with readings and discussion to give voice to our local landscapes. Presented in collaboration with Festival of Ideas. Ellen and Holly's commissioned prints will be available for you to take home.

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Tim Dee is a writer and a radio producer. He is the author of a memoir about his birdwatching life, The Running Sky (2009). His latest book Four Fields is about a field in Cambridgeshire fens, an old tobacco farm in Zambia, at the Custer battlefield in Montana, USA, and in the Exclusion Zone in the shadow of the exploded nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine. 

He has been a BBC radio producer for 26 years making arts documentaries, poetry programmes, history features and radio drama for Radio 3 and 4. Before he joined the BBC he worked for the International Council for Bird Preservation (now Birdlife) and wrote on threatened species and the endemic birds of Madagascar. When not in Bristol he lives on the edge of the fens. He is at work on two new books: one about the spring in Europe; the other, Landfill, about men who watch gulls. He is also editing an anthology of new writing about place for Jonathan Cape and the organisation Common Ground.

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