Orchard Art Projects

Spring / Summer 2017

As part of the Spring/Summer 2017 Orchard Engagement Programme, artists and writers have created projects to spark the imagination about the future.

Kayle Brandon: Dot in the Landscape

Artist Kayle Brandon’s new sign is sited at The Orchard, providing information about the fruit varieties, origins of apple trees and the grafting process. It is also a brass rubbing for people to create their own copy. Paper and wax sticks available at Whitchurch Library (Oatlands Avenue, Bristol, BS14 0SX). Kayle will also be giving an artist talk and workshop on Saturday 1st April - more information can be found here.

Ellen Wilkinson: Something more permanent than concrete

Writer Ellen Wilkinson has produced a collection of short statements that evoke ideas about future possibilities. The printed ‘slogans’ are designed to be made into badges that reference the bright, playful design of fruit stickers. Different editions can be collected and edited to read something unique by each wearer. A bag of seeds and planting instructions are also offered, with the hope that, like the badges, the project will be spread by the people who take part. A badge-making machine is available from Whitchurch Library and Ellen will have a badge-making stall at Whitchurch Carboot sale on Saturday 25th March - more information can be found here.

Holly Corfield Carr: Hengrove Wassail

Either a song, drink or dance, the orchard ‘wassail’ was once both widespread and specific to each of the cider-producing regions across England. Just as wassailing chants grew from the same landscape as their orchards, writer Holly Corfield Carr’s new wassail song is rooted in The Orchard and activated by the voices of those living nearby. The Wassail will be available in print and performed live as part of Grafted Chorus (see below).

Freya Gabie: Grafted Chorus, Saturday 1 July, 2pm

Artist Freya Gabie has worked with local groups and a composer to create bespoke songs that the groups will come together to perform at this special summer event. Starting from The Orchard, each group will begin their own song as the previous one ends - a song grafted, like a fruit tree, onto the last. And so on, with performers branching out beyond Whitchurch Green. Locations will be available nearer the time.

Future Perfect is commissioned by Bristol City Council and is the first public art programme to be funded through a Neighbourhood Partnership in which governance is extended to members of the Hengrove community. Contact   Legal