Nils Norman

Pieces of Play

Artist Nils Norman was commissioned to find a way of bringing together the large number of small green spaces in the residential areas of Hengrove, with the aim of providing a focal point for residents.

There are three parts to Normans’ Future Perfect commission Pieces of Play, each visually interlinked to create a notional and physical trail through the area, starting from Hengrove Community Centre.

A new hand-made theatre curtain for the Community Centre has been produced and installed in spring 2014. Inspired by the murals of Mexican artist Diego Rivera produced in the 1950s, Norman has created a bespoke design which incorporates significant historical events and activities that took place in the area, as well as personal stories shared by local residents. Using his signature-mark line drawing technique, Norman’s contemporary design creates a poignant and striking link between the past, present and future of Hengrove. More images of the new curtain can be seen here.

A section of patterned path designed by Norman has been installed at the entrance to the St Giles Estate in summer 2014, made of tiles that reference local people’s driveways and garden walls. This path provides improved access for pedestrians, buggies and wheelchair users and prevents motorbike users from entering the site. More images of the new footpath can be seen here.

A series of simple play spaces designed by Norman have been installed in the grounds of Bridge Farm, Perry Court and Oasis New Oak Primary schools in autumn 2014, as well as a public green area at Hengrove Park Farm. Using natural materials, these spaces provide a visually unique environment for children to play in and construct their own imaginative games. More images of the new play areas can be seen here.

Future Perfect is commissioned by Bristol City Council and is the first public art programme to be funded through a Neighbourhood Partnership in which governance is extended to members of the Hengrove community. Contact   Legal