Aldo Rinaldi

Aldo Rinaldi is a curator and commissioner based in Bristol. He was the Senior Public Art Officer for the City of Bristol from 2008 – 2017 and commissioned the Future Perfect programme leading on the development of the overall programme and recruitment of the project curators and other staff.

Prior to working in Bristol he worked at a CBAT (now Safle a commissioning agency based in Cardiff from 2003 – 2007 as a project manager, where he produced a number of projects with artists from the UK and abroad.  He was Assistant Director of Laurent Delaye Gallery, London from 2002–2003 and has worked for over 15 years on a range of contemporary art projects in both galleries and the public realm. Past projects include a major work by artist Roger Hiorns, the artists’ first permanent outdoor commission in the UK, together with ‘Primary/Bristol’ a major commissions programme for primary schools developed in partnership with the Arnolfini and Foreground. Other projects include ‘Resilience Lab’, an experimental programme of artist propositions co-curated with Tessa Fitzjohn with artists Marjetica PotrĨ and Ooze, Marinella Senatore, Fourthland, Mariele Neudecker, and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.

Future Perfect is commissioned by Bristol City Council and is the first public art programme to be funded through a Neighbourhood Partnership in which governance is extended to members of the Hengrove community. Contact   Legal